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Commissions are paid monthly on the 15th of each month for the previous month’s sales.  New commission tiers are achieved by your increasing lifetime membership sales. Every new membership and every membership renewal counts toward your lifetime membership sales count.  Commissions for membership renewals are also paid at the lifetime rank.  As your referred sales renew, your commission rate also increases providing you with a real opportunity for residual income.

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25 Sales or Less - 10%
26 sales - 15%
101 Sales - 20%
251 Sales - 25%
501+ Sales - 30%

Frequently Asked Questions

What is considered a sale?

Both new membership sales and renewal sales are considered toward your Lifetime Membership Sales (LMS) count.  Your LMS determines your pay tier.

How are commissions calculated?

Commissions are calculated for each sale at the pay rank in which it was sold.   Commissions are NOT paid retroactively to the highest pay rank for a particular period.

How are commissions deposited?

We deposit commissions on the 15th of the month for the previous month’s sales.   They are paid to your personal debit card that has been entered in your Affiliate Dashboard.    We do not send payment in the form of checks or direct deposit.   You are responsible to maintain updated debit card information on file so that commissions can be deposited in a timely manner.

What happens if I earn more than $600 in commissions in a tax year?

Accounts that earn over $600 in commissions in a particular tax year must have valid Social Security Number on file with Top Health Coach.   If no SSN is on file with our offices, we will hold commissions until such time as we receive proper tax information.   We will send 1099 forms for all affiliates who earn over $600 in a particular tax year.    If you do not update your SSN or tax information with our offices by December 31st of a particular year, you will permanently forfeit any remaining commissions in that year.

What is considered an inactive affiliate?

Affiliates that do not generate at least 1 new membership sale in a 6 month period will be inactivated and commissions on any previous sales will no longer be paid according to their LMS or Paid Rank.